Search in Progress for Assoc. Director of Enterprise Device Management

User Support Services is actively working to hire the Associate Director of Enterprise Device Management (EDM) through an internal-only search.

Gary Sullivan, Director of User Services, is leading the search.

This position itself and most the Enterprise Device Management team are new roles. However, Transform IT is net neutral in terms of staff budget. We will accomplish this by staffing these new EDM positions by hiring from existing ranks of UO IT staff.

Note that a large majority of jobs in Transform IT’s User Support Services are not new. These jobs will be filled through reassignments of existing IT staff.

USS Org Chart to Undergo More Socialization

The Transform IT Steering Committee reviewed the organizational chart, SLA proposal, and details of the liaison program on Friday, December 13. Rather than posting the org chart in draft form, the committee recommended we provide time for Jessie Minton, chief information officer, time to review the chart with deans and other campus leaders.

Over the next five weeks, Jessie will meet one-on-one and with groups such as the Senior Leadership Team, Academic Leadership Team, deans, and the managers of IT directors to gather input on the organizational design in preparation for the first pilot transitions in early 2020.

The town hall on Transform IT has been rescheduled to Jan. 28 (10:30am to noon, Knight Library Browsing Room) to allow time for these conversations. Previously, it was scheduled for Jan. 9.

First Two Transform IT Transitions Planned for Early 2020

The first staffing transitions in Transform IT, the university’s information technology restructuring process, will take place in early 2020.

Most IT staff who provide technical support to the School of Journalism and Communication and the College of Design will be integrated into user support services, a new team in Information Services, starting in January or February.

“We are looking forward to having the College of Design and the School of Journalism and Communication join user support services,” said Jessie Minton, vice provost for information services and chief information officer. “We have over 70 UO employees who’ve been working hard since mid-July to develop implementation plans as part of the project execution. We’ve been incorporating ongoing campus feedback into those plans, and I’m incredibly pleased to have the first changes in sight early next year. I’m very proud of the collaborative, thoughtful work contributed by the UO IT community throughout this process.”

Read more at Around the O: First two Transform IT transitions planned for early 2020

USS Organizational Chart Review and Release Date

The User Support Services organizational chart will be reviewed by the Transform IT Steering Committee on Friday, December 13. We expect to share the chart with the campus IT professionals via email on Monday, December 16, followed by a posting on this website.

The organizational chart will show reporting lines, general area coverage, and which positions will be filled through searches (internal to UO or external).

SOJC, Design to Transition in Early 2020

The User Support Services Implementation project is planning how groups will transition into the new User Support Services (USS) structure, and to exercise these plans, the School of Journalism and Communication and College of Design will move into the new USS structure beginning in January or February, 2020. The transition is a pilot that is expected to last 60 days. After SOJC and Design have moved, work will pause briefly. Staff will gather lessons learned and upgrade transition planning and checklists based on that information so that future transitions are more efficient.

These plans have been incorporated into the milestone timeline on the Transform IT website.

Org Chart to Be Reviewed by Steering Committee

The User Support Services organizational chart will be presented to the Transform IT Steering Committee on Dec. 13. This deliverable is a key component of the review and approval required by UO Human Resources, and it is necessary for User Support Services to proceed.

After the Transform IT Steering Committee’s review in mid-December, project staff plan to share the organizational chart more broadly. The chart and associated plans will be discussed at a Town Hall on Transform IT. That town hall will be held in mid-December or early January.

USS Work Stream Consolidation

Three work streams have been merged into one: The Delivery and Support Models work stream now have responsibilities for both service desk locations and zone IT as part of a small work stream restructuring.

The Service Desk Locations and Zone IT group responsibilities overlapped significantly with the Delivery and Support Models scope, so the decision was made to merge these two work streams into Delivery and Support Models.