IT town hall meeting on Aug. 31

The campus community is invited to join Jessie Minton, Vice Provost for Information Services and CIO, for the next IT town hall meeting:

  • When: Thursday, August 31, 1pm-2pm
  • Where: Knight Library Browsing Room

A videoconference link to UO’s Portland campus will be provided.

Jessie plans to hold town hall meetings about UO information technology on a regular basis. At this meeting, Jessie will provide an update on Transform IT, including the guiding principles and implementation strategy that have been under development.

UO students, faculty, and staff, including IT staff, are welcome to attend!

Next stop: Community engagement

Staff are continuing to develop guiding principles and an implementation strategy for Transform IT. This dual-purpose document will describe the process through which the Transform IT program will be executed, as well as a set of principles for decision-making as services and technologies are transitioned.

The guiding principles and implementation strategy will be the focus of the next IT town hall meeting, tentatively planned for late August. We will provide more details about that event once it’s been finalized.

We’re also in the process of developing plans for engaging the IT community in developing an expansion of the university’s IT governance structure. Details about this will follow soon, too.

Please send any thoughts and questions, on these topics or others, to

Important change to Transform IT

A message from Jessie Minton, Vice Provost for Information Services and Chief Information Officer:

I am excited to announce an important change in the way the university will proceed with Transform IT. We will first inventory IT services offered across the university, and then we will restructure IT services one by one, guided in part by the recently completed IT Charter.

Previously, we had planned to focus on reworking employees’ reporting lines as a first step in implementation, but as the Blustain report notes, we have IT staff who fill many roles and run multiple services. After careful consideration of the options, I believe that by focusing first on cataloging and analyzing all IT services offered on campus, we can better manage service transitions and merge duplicative services where possible.

This change in approach comes after consulting with Dean of Libraries Adriene Lim, the Office of the Provost, and many of the university’s deans, vice provosts, and vice presidents.

To successfully achieve a service-focused restructuring, we will document and inventory all IT services on campus. Information Services will be the first unit, with UO Libraries next on the list. From there, we will progress through the university until we have surveyed all IT-related services and units. (We will publish a schedule once planning has reached that point.)

For example, the Charter outlines responsibilities for computer lab management, and the service-oriented approach to Transform IT will not modify the arrangement. At the same time, however, in this revised approach, we will consider how computer labs in schools and colleges can be supported and managed more efficiently before we make any significant changes.

The IT services you receive and the people that provide them will not change yet. IT staff should continue working as usual. Although the Charter does note several services that will change ownership, the university will not make such changes until the service inventory has been completed.

Transform IT Project Management Structure
Transform IT Project Management Structure

Guy Eckelberger and Gary Sullivan will continue to work on Transform IT. Prior to May 1st, they were both serving this project in a project management role. As this initiative shifts to focus on services, Guy and Gary will continue their work as co-program managers, providing high-level oversight for the series of projects that will be used to complete the service transitions. To effectively and efficiently gather and analyze information, and plan and execute Transform IT, I have also obtained temporary funding for two project managers and two business analysts. The business analysts will gather and analyze information on IT services and the project managers will plan for and guide us through service transitions.

The IT service research and analysis will begin as soon as at least one business analyst has been hired. I expect the service inventory and analysis work to take six to nine months.

We will post updates on this website every two weeks to keep campus informed about current Transform IT work tasks and the status of the Transform IT program.

I am both eager and excited to launch into the next phase of Transform IT. Please send your thoughts and questions to