Enterprise University Applications Project Team

The Enterprise University Applications project kicked off in December 2019 and delivered its final report to CIO Jessie Minton in June 2020.

The goals of this project were to develop:

  1. A categorized catalog of all purchased and custom-built software at the university;
  2. A suite of recommendations on a category-by-category basis for possible changes to the purchase, hosting, management, and support of that software;
  3. Recommendations for the delivery of custom application development as a service and associated organizational changes.

  • Project sponsor: Jessie Minton
  • Team 
    • Project manager: Tony Saxman, IS
    • Business analyst: Tommy Harmon, IS
    • Communications: Nancy Novitski, IS
    • Subject matter experts:
      • Alan Baker, University Health Center
      • Shandon Bates, LCB
      • Ben Brinkley, IS
      • Nathaniel Brown, LCB
      • Chris Butler, Athletics
      • Will DeGauven, IS
      • Loring Hummel, IS
      • Mark McCulloch, BAO
      • Kevin McGlinchey, FASS
      • Charles Powell, Research
      • Billy Ray, SAIT
      • Gary Sullivan, IS, SOJC, and DSGN
      • Derek Wormdahl, IS