Project Documents

Enterprise University Applications

The Enterprise University Applications project kicked off in December 2019 and delivered its final report to CIO Jessie Minton in June 2020. The goal of this project was to develop: 1) A categorized catalog of all purchased and custom-built software at the university; 2) A suite of recommendations on a category-by-category basis for possible changes to the purchase, hosting, management, and support of that software; 3) Recommendations for the delivery of custom application development as a service and associated organizational changes.

Enterprise University Applications Project Charter (November 11, 2019; PDF)

Enterprise University Applications Project Team

Enterprise University Applications Project Final Report (July 6, 2020; PDF)

Enterprise University Applications Project Executive Summary (July 6, 2020; PDF)

Enterprise University Applications Project Application Recommendation Matrix (July 6, 2020; PDF)

Software Categories and Definitions adopted by the Enterprise Software Committee on 3/17/17 (July 6, 2020; PDF)

Enterprise University Applications Project Full Applications Catalog (July 6, 2020; PDF)

CIO EUA Recommendations July 2020 (July 14, 2020; PDF)

User Support Services

Implementation project

The User Support Services (USS) Implementation project kicked off in July 2019 and is currently in progress. The goal of this project is to implement the recommendations from the USS Recommendations project (see below).

USS Implementation Project Charter (June 18, 2019; PDF)

USS Implementation Work Streams
List and descriptions of the work streams that are part of USS Implementation

USS Implementation Kickoff (July 10, 2019; PDF)
Slides from the July 10 project kickoff meeting

USS Implementation work stream milestone (October 1, 2019; PDF)

USS organizational chart narrative (December 10, 2019; PDF)

USS Service Level Agreement Strategy (February 14, 2020; PDF)

USS Liaison Program (November 1, 2019; PDF)

USS organizational chart (July 13, 2020; PDF)

USS transition schedule (see page for revision date; webpage)

USS metrics for June 2020 review period

Recommendation project

The User Support Services (USS) Recommendation project ran from February to May 2019. The recommendations listed in the report below form the basis for the next project, USS Implementation (see above).

User Support Services Recommendations Report (final version) (May 9, 2019; PDF)
This report provides recommendations on service structure and service delivery for five key functions: service desk (desktop support and help desks), account and access management, computer lab management, and knowledge management.

User Support Services Recommendations slide deck (May 29, 2019; PDF)
Jessie Minton, chief information officer, presented the attached slide deck at town halls and other meetings during May 2019. The slides offer a visual summary of the User Support Services recommendation.

Summary of the User Support Services Recommendations Report (May 10, 2019; PDF)
This document summarizes the key points of the User Support Services Recommendations Report.

User Support Services project charter

User Support Services project teams

User Support Services project timeline

Information and documents from previous projects

Campus Engagement Report (final version) (March 21, 2019; PDF)
This report details IT service delivery and use for the University of Oregon. It was developed from information gathered from prior consulting engagements and newly-conducted research by the Campus Engagement project teams. Draft reports were issued in fall of 2018; this is the final version.

Governance: Transform IT Steering Committee membership (January 2019)
The roster of members that comprise the Transform IT Steering Committee, the program’s top-level governance group

Transform IT Guiding Principles and Implementation Strategy (August 2017; PDF)
Produced by Chief Information Officer Jessie Minton, this document outlines the principles that will serve as the foundation for Transform IT decision-making. The document also outlines Minton’s implementation strategy.

Technology and Information Services Charter (May 2017; PDF)
Known as “the charter,” this document outlines the IT roles for UO Libraries, Information Services, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Innovation, and University Communications. It was approved by the provost on May 10, 2017.

IT Strategic Process Update Memo (2017; PDF)
Provost Scott Coltrane issued this memo on March 6, 2017, providing budgeting guidance related to Transform IT and additional information about the planned implementation process.

Reorganization of Information Technology at UO (Blustain report) (2016; PDF)
Also known as the Blustain report, this document provides a view of the university’s IT structure, along with consultant Harvey Blustain’s recommendations for reorganizing them.

Moran Technology Consulting final report (2016; PDF)
This company was retained by the university to assist with IT strategic planning. This report is one of the deliverables of that planning process.

CRM Initiative
Launched in early 2017, the CRM Initiative aims to bring together the processes related to recruitment, student success, and advancement into one platform.


Transform IT timeline for analysis project

IT unit reporting lines by leadership position

Campus Engagement project

The Campus Engagement project is the first project generated by Transform IT. (See Transform IT Enters Execution Phase with Campus Engagement Project for more information.)

Campus Engagement project milestone report (revised 6/18/2018)

Campus Engagement service inventory schedule (revised 4/18/2018)

Campus Engagement service inventory interview process diagram (4/12/18)


Campus Engagement template (PDF)


Slides for Town Hall on Transform IT: User Support Services Implementation Report-out (September 18, 2019; PDF)

Slides for Town Hall on Transform IT and Transform IT Steering Committee (November 14, 2018; PDF)

Transform IT Retreat slides from Monday, October 1, 2018 (PDF) and Tuesday, October 2, 2018 (PDF)

Town Hall on Transform IT: Slides from March 16, 2018 (PDF)