Retreat to Focus on IT Governance

Jessie Minton, vice provost of Information Services and chief information officer, is holding a two-day IT governance development retreat on September 12 and 13, 2017. The goal of this retreat is to develop a sustainable IT governance structure for the University of Oregon.

Members of the student, faculty, staff, research, and administration communities have been invited to participate in the two day discussion.

The proposed structure developed at the retreat will be sent to the IT Steering Committee for review and approval.

CIO Releases Draft of Guiding Principles for Transform IT

Jessie Minton, vice provost for Information Services and chief information officer, with input from campus stakeholders, has drafted guiding principles for Transform IT, the university’s program that will rationalize the use of information technology resources on campus to better support the University of Oregon’s strategic academic and research missions.

In addition to setting guiding principles for Transform IT, Minton outlines a high-level implementation strategy for this program.

See Transform IT Principles and Implementation 8.24.17 (PDF) for more details on both guiding principles and implementation strategy. Please send feedback to

Minton is seeking feedback on the guiding principles and implementation strategy by Thursday, Aug. 30 at 5pm. The guiding principles will be the focus of the Town Hall on IT scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 31. (See IT town hall meeting on Aug. 31 for details of that meeting.)

Important change to Transform IT

A message from Jessie Minton, Vice Provost for Information Services and Chief Information Officer:

I am excited to announce an important change in the way the university will proceed with Transform IT. We will first inventory IT services offered across the university, and then we will restructure IT services one by one, guided in part by the recently completed IT Charter.

Previously, we had planned to focus on reworking employees’ reporting lines as a first step in implementation, but as the Blustain report notes, we have IT staff who fill many roles and run multiple services. After careful consideration of the options, I believe that by focusing first on cataloging and analyzing all IT services offered on campus, we can better manage service transitions and merge duplicative services where possible.

This change in approach comes after consulting with Dean of Libraries Adriene Lim, the Office of the Provost, and many of the university’s deans, vice provosts, and vice presidents.

To successfully achieve a service-focused restructuring, we will document and inventory all IT services on campus. Information Services will be the first unit, with UO Libraries next on the list. From there, we will progress through the university until we have surveyed all IT-related services and units. (We will publish a schedule once planning has reached that point.)

For example, the Charter outlines responsibilities for computer lab management, and the service-oriented approach to Transform IT will not modify the arrangement. At the same time, however, in this revised approach, we will consider how computer labs in schools and colleges can be supported and managed more efficiently before we make any significant changes.

The IT services you receive and the people that provide them will not change yet. IT staff should continue working as usual. Although the Charter does note several services that will change ownership, the university will not make such changes until the service inventory has been completed.

Transform IT Project Management Structure
Transform IT Project Management Structure

Guy Eckelberger and Gary Sullivan will continue to work on Transform IT. Prior to May 1st, they were both serving this project in a project management role. As this initiative shifts to focus on services, Guy and Gary will continue their work as co-program managers, providing high-level oversight for the series of projects that will be used to complete the service transitions. To effectively and efficiently gather and analyze information, and plan and execute Transform IT, I have also obtained temporary funding for two project managers and two business analysts. The business analysts will gather and analyze information on IT services and the project managers will plan for and guide us through service transitions.

The IT service research and analysis will begin as soon as at least one business analyst has been hired. I expect the service inventory and analysis work to take six to nine months.

We will post updates on this website every two weeks to keep campus informed about current Transform IT work tasks and the status of the Transform IT program.

I am both eager and excited to launch into the next phase of Transform IT. Please send your thoughts and questions to

Work tasks for July

Now that the Charter has been approved, staff assisting with Transform IT are working to develop guiding principles for Transform IT. In addition, staff are also working on an implementation strategy.

This work is in progress, and we will post and announce this information once it has been completed.

Transform IT charter approved!

From Jessie Minton, Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost of Information Services

Adriene Lim, dean of libraries and Philip H. Knight chair, and I are happy to announce that the IT charter has been approved and signed!

The charter clarifies IT roles for UO Libraries and Information Services. UO Libraries will provide academic technology, digital scholarship services and library-based systems and environments. Information Services will offer most other IT services. University Communications and the Office of the Vice President of Research and Innovation will each play important roles in web communications and research-related IT, respectively.

We want to take a moment to celebrate this major milestone. For the first time in the history of the University of Oregon, we have a document that outlines the technology-specific roles for university departments. The charter is also an essential step in the Transform IT project. UO Libraries and Information Services worked side by side to develop this document, and we are excited to be serving as partners in delivering IT services to campus.

Adriene and I would like to thank everyone who participated in developing the charter. Through comments at meetings and in writing, many of you shared concerns, questions, and thought-provoking feedback since this work began in fall 2016. I know such input has been vital to the efforts so far, and I hope to get further community engagement in the upcoming phases of Transform IT.

We would also like to thank Chris Krabiel, outgoing interim CIO, for his extensive work on the charter and Transform IT.

I have been focused on Transform IT since my first day of work as CIO. Many of you have asked what lies ahead for this initiative. To enhance communications and transparency, we are launching a new Transform IT website this month at, where we will post news and updates about the project regularly. I have also asked staff to develop a set of guiding principles that the university will use to make decisions relating to Transform IT, as well as a robust project plan, including scope, milestones, and key activities, and an implementation overview.  All of this information will be posted on the new Transform IT website in upcoming weeks as the work is completed.

I look forward to working with you on the next phases of Transform IT!

The charter is available on the Documents tab of this website or view the Technology and Information Services Charter directly.

What’s Next for Transform IT?

On May 1, 2017, Jessie Minton began working full-time as CIO and VP of Information Services. With her arrival comes a short pause as she gets up to speed on Transform IT.

Looking into the future, you’ll see more information here such as:

  • Guiding principles for Transform IT
  • A project charter* for Transform IT that explains what is in scope and what is not
  • Revised project governance
  • Briefings from meetings and work sessions

* The project charter will define what is in scope and out of scope, among other things, for Transform IT. It is a separate document from the Charter that outlines IT roles for UO Libraries and Information Services.

New Website Focuses on Transform IT Activities

Many of you have been receiving updates about Transform IT from the provost’s website in the past. Today we are launching this new website that will feature:

  • More frequent updates—We aim to post updates several times a month, adding content as it becomes available
  • More details about what Transform IT work is occurring
  • A calendar of upcoming meetings and events related to Transform IT

Welcome to the new Transform IT website!