Q: What specific areas does the User Support Services Implementation project cover? 

A: User Support Services is comprised of desktop support, help desk (includes phone and chat support for all students and employees), account and access management (includes password changes), device and computer lab management, classroom technology support, and knowledge management.

These areas were selected based on data from the Campus Engagement Report (see Total staff support hours per week by service slide).

Q: How are units going to be notified about support changes and schedules for USS moves?

A: Jessie Minton, chief information officer, has been discussing Transform IT and the User Support Services project with IT directors, deans and university administration since 2017, plus three town halls since 2018.

Work streams are actively developing implementation plans, and once those efforts are more developed, we will develop communications plans to announce changes.

In early 2020, we expect the first USS transitions will occur. Staff will take lessons learned from these transitions to improve the process to be used for the next set of changes.

Q: When will the organizational chart be announced?

A: A draft of the User Support Services organizational chart has been completed. The Transform IT Steering Committee will review the design on December 13, and then the chart will be shared more broadly. The organizational design will be one topic at a Town Hall on Transform IT scheduled for January 9.

Q: Who will become part of User Support Services? 

A: To identify who will be included, each IT employee’s salary funding source and what types of IT service they usually provide will be considered. In general, an IT employee will be considered part of USS if they are paid partially or wholly from general funds and spend 50 percent or more of their time on USS activities. (USS activities include  desktop support, help desk, accounts and access management, electronic device management, classroom technology support, and knowledge management.)